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Why You Should Share Your Success Stories

There are so many successful moments in our day that we fail to realize it's impact on our lives. We often think success needs to be a grand, overwhelming spectacle of sorts but it doesn't have to be.  It can be also be a small, quiet moment of reflection, visible to only you.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't share your accomplishments, in fact you should make it a habit!  

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How to Understand (and Defeat!) Your Inner Procrastinator

Procrastinating is a phenomena which plagues everyone, there is no on that is immune to it's clutches.  Most popular during our school days, during college or university -- we are given all the year-end project in the first beginning weeks of the class, but somehow still manage to only start during the last 2 weeks before deadline.  Wouldn't it have been so much easier to research a topic, manage some notes, start developing theories, concepts and a draft throughout the entire school year?  The quality of work would have been so much more higher!  

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Why You Should Seriously Consider a Shared Workspace!

A trending pop-scene across Toronto over the last 10 years is the idea of communal workspace.  I saw it first-hand about a year ago myself, during a radio interview.  The guest invited me to her workspace, which turned out to be a rented table space to support her artwork and designs (she's a fashion designer).  Completely unrelatable to the interview -- I asked her about the communal space and she was ecstatic that it existed.  Working virtually has never been so much easier.  Now you don't even need a physical store to be considered a business owner, or to since a lease agreement.

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My Rollercoaster Life As a Budding Entrepreneur!

Sometimes I wonder what makes me an 'expert' or good enough to provide tips, motivation in the world of entrepreneurship when I've only just begun?  But this blog is also a reflection of my journey into starting, building, and managing Kito Productions so I will try to include more of my learning experiences.  Which are actually the foundation for most, if not, all of the posts so far.   

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How To Use Positive, Daily Affirmations for Your Personal Success

How many times have you googled 'build wealth, money, how to invest', etc?  If you're like me, you'll have found thousands of financial experts discussing the quickest and most effective way to build and manage your money.  But are you actually worthy and ready for a significant increase in finances?  Are you ready for the responsibility of adding an extra 5k to your monthly income?  This is what I ask myself all the time.  It would be great to have more residual income, but am I financially responsible enough to deal with that outcome?

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Thursday Motivation: How to Maximize Today's Potential

Staying motivated is 99.9% of the battle when working during the week.  We encounter so many distractions, obligations, commitments, that it's easy (and often necessary!) to just take a time out.  But we have to develop tricks and key staples to make sure we keep on track.  By this time tomorrow, we'll be thinking about the weekend -- which will make it impossible to do any work.  So Thursday is the best time to buckle down and to review that weekly checklist.

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